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Struggling to become the leader
you thought you'd be?

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The number of actively disengaged employees has increased to 18%,
with 50% of the workforce quietly quitting.

It's more important than ever as a Leader to create an environment where your team thrives, so you can too.

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You can take control of your leadership

Learn how to create your personal philosophy and use this to:

✓ Alleviate unnecessary stress even before your team is fully aligned

✓ Do less work while achieving better results and accelerated progress

✓ Find your work-life balance while exceeding all expectations

✓ Develop the traits to bullet-proof your career no matter what happens

✓ Develop a reputation of authority and authenticity irrespective of past failures

Learn the strategies top leaders use to help their teams and organisations thrive.

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Hey, I'm Moe

I spent my entire career building businesses from scratch. I took 2 from scale-up to exit, while creating $20 million in investment and double that in revenue. I hired and developed over 1000 people from around the world. Then in 2012, I gave up the entrepreneurial life to inspire people to build their personal philosophy and live by this, so that they can thrive in this world, and lead others to do the same.

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In the next 6 months, you could be…

✓ Recognised and valued as a true leader in your field

✓ Experiencing a deeper confidence and peace of mind in your role

✓ Exceeding all expectations with minimal effort and maximum engagement

Your own leadership philosophy will make all the difference.

This course will show you exactly how to get there,
and how to use your leadership philosophy properly.

The One Page Plan group course is for you if...

✓ You have a strong desire to be a great team leader

✓ You know what you want but struggle to get there

✓ You feel like everyone and everything works against you

✓ You are working long hours without getting the expected results

✓ You believe in better, and you are ready to take meaningful action today

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What you will learn...

Vision - where you want to be and how you want to experience your existence

Authenticity - breaking up with the ‘PR’ version of yourself and your ego

Expression - using your voice to inspire, influence and empower

Communication - structuring this properly and always starting with why

Contemplation - sharpening and testing your critical thinking skills

Courage - expanding your capacity to take risks where necessary

Compassion - using your suffering and that of others, to fuel progress

​The One Page Plan is about mastering the following:

Coaching - using the power of questions to create alignment

Delegation - clearly stating what is expected, and ensuring full buy-in

Negotiation - expressing your needs and offering clear solutions to meet them

Assertiveness - saying “no” while feeling totally confident about your position

Conflict - navigating difficult conversations and leaving them fully resolved

Empathy - what it actually means and how this shows up in your role

Progress - the power of consistent planning, action, and reflection

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Find out more from people who have completed the group course and discover the different it can make to your life. 

What's included in this course...

You can join the course from ANYWHERE in the world via Zoom. 



Opening Circle - to meet the group before we begin

Full Day Workshop - setting the foundation for your success

Weekly LIVE group sessions  - creating the structure of your plan

Final Full Day Workshop - complete your plan + dashboard setup

Closing Circle - reflections, feedback and next steps

The course begins on 3rd February 2023 where you will join your group of up to 12 participants for the opening circle starting at 18:30 UK time / 13:30 EST. The course will end on 6th March 2023, with the closing circle starting at the same time.


2x full day workshops on the first and last Saturdays of the course and 5x weekly sessions every Monday evening.

Sessions will be recorded for you to watch on replay (indefinitely).


Due to the nature of real-time magic, plus the opportunity to create real connections with your fellow participants, you’re likely to get the most value out of this experience when you attend LIVE, and we would recommend you do whatever you can to make this happen.


Private WhatsApp group (for communicating between sessions)

Unlimited Email support from our team (around the clock)

This course is NOT for everyone. If you expect to acquire more knowledge, skills and behaviours without taking imperfect action - and I mean imperfect action - this definitely is not for you. This is NOT another course for you to spend your hard earned money on, only for it to gather dust in the archives of your mind.

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One Payment


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Monthly Plan


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Every time someone signs up, I offer pro bono support to organisations focused on Youth Leadership


The One Page Plan works. Here's your proof...

Testimonial Reel

We're better together...

This course is run as group sessions because not only are you supported by me, you are championed by other leaders who, just like you, believe in better and yet are struggling to get there.

People often ask why we prefer to run group sessions over 121s - let's leave it to the past participants to explain why...

"Meeting other people was unique; I could see that other people were in the same place as me"

"The interaction with the other collaborators was great; we worked together to create something individual that gave us value."

The One Page Plan has supported leaders from:
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Frequently Asked Questions...

Business Owner

Who is this for? Your personal leadership philosophy is crucial because it’s at the core of the work we’ll do together. It is absolutely vital for you to uncover this if you’re already in a position of leadership, or if you have your sights on this in the near future.

Why do you want to help Leaders? When you accepted your role as a leader, you had a clear idea of who you wanted to be, how you wanted it to be, and how you imagined it would play out. This hasn’t quite happened, and this is leaving you feeling frustrated, resentful, fatigued - and fed up with feeling that everyone and everything is against you. We are in dire need of more leaders like you - people who are willing to stand up, take responsibility, and do everything they can to create a better world. This is the time to say NO to an environment or culture that is limiting our potential, and to blaze the trail for a new way of being and doing. We need leaders like you to use your voices authentically and your ideas as an inspiration for progress. To assume this as a responsibility, and not a burden. These are the leaders I’m here to support. There’s a common myth that’s bought into without questioning; it’s the idea that you’re either born with leadership traits or you’re not. Yet in all my years of building businesses and creating high-performing teams, followed by coaching, consulting, and mentoring leaders and teams from all over the world, and from the world’s most recognisable brands - I’ve been shown that leadership is a skill that can be developed through clear intention, self-awareness, self-reflection, and repeated action.

How does The One Page Plan help me? The One Page Plan course is about the willingness to face, and work with, your biggest fears. Creating your personal plan will equip you with the framework that is necessary to propel yourself forward, and more importantly to accelerate that process. It will support you in structuring your thoughts properly, speaking your mind with clarity, and taking decisions more effectively, even when you are in the minority.

Why should I listen to you? You have to live certain stories to tell them... 12x Cofounder & 6x C.E.O. 2x scale to exit & 2x bankrupt $Millions in investment & revenue 1,000+ hires from 50+ nationalities 500+ businesses supported 7,000+ hours of leadership delivery My personal commitment is to show you how to clearly identify who you want to be, how you want to get there, and what that looks like over the next 12 months. I will guide you to your own blind spots and hold you accountable to the values and principles that you regard as the foundation of being the best version of yourself. I will be your biggest supporter, your personal advisor, and your direct truth teller as you discover - or rediscover - your personal vision and leadership philosophy.

Who is this not for? You will be invited and required to show up fully. You will be asked to speak honestly, openly, and genuinely about what you see and who you want to be. You will be challenged, through masterful coaching that is both probing and provoking, in order to ensure you are uncovering your blind spots and letting go of any untruths. If you are easily offended or find it difficult to hear and hold multiple perspectives about the world around you - this one might not be for you. This is a course for truly open minded individuals who are able to work well with people outside their circle of influence, and want to build camaraderie in a challenging and creative environment. This is not your standard leadership course. No cliches, fluff or BS. We don’t believe there is anything like it around.

How was this course designed? The course has been developed over the past 10 years, from real-life experience, and mentorship from some of the world’s finest personal development minds. It draws on different techniques, including tools from Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Master Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Practical Psychology, Neuroscience, Sports Science, Design Thinking, Performance Management, Nonviolent Communication, Clean Language, Agile Methodologies, the Kaizen Method, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. We know it works because we used it ourselves to change our lives, and the lives of 1000s of others just like you. We have lived and breathed all elemented of The One Page Plan in every single aspect of our lives - both personally and professionally, and the results will speak for themselves. In this course, you will NOT find yourself witnessing a conveyor belt of people waiting for their turn to be coached one by one, or where there will be any extended Q&A activity. In this 24-hour long experience, the course is designed to keep the sessions dynamic, flowing, and highly impactful for each and every person in the group, so that all participants create their own version of The One Page Plan and create the foundations to live as the Leader you want to be.

Do you have a guarantee? I back the strategies I teach 110%. If you have completed the course and implemented the strategies for 4 months and still aren't happy, you'll get your money back. Please consider the challenging nature of this type of work, and purchase your place mindfully.

What results can I expect? Aside from what is outlined above, we don't promise anything. Because this is about what you produce for yourself. We are simply here to guide you, using our own education from our own life experiences. We don't believe in shortcuts, magic potions, or "get rich" programs - only in working hard, adding value, and serving others with quality and consistency. This course is intended to guide you to create the life you want to live, to make a difference in the world, and to wake up energised and engaged with what you do each and every day. This takes a lot of dedication and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavour, particularly around your continuous personal and professional development. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. First off, we do not know you well enough, and more importantly, your results in life are up to you. We are here to show you what we have learned ourselves, with some of the best content, direction, and strategies we have ever come across. All our products and services for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any statements contained on any of our promotional material were made by individuals who participated in our programme. We did not, and will never pay any consideration for these statements.

Can I gain CPD points with this course? The One Page Plan is certified by the CPD Standards Office. Your programme provides the right accountability structure through regular monthly sessions over 12 months. Upon completion, you will earn up to 25 CPD points. Subject to using The Curve framework from New Level Results Ltd, Ts & Cs apply.

We appreciate this might not answer all of your questions, so please contact us if you have any further questions.

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