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Empower Yourselves

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You are primarily concerned...

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You are unsettled...

In whatever current situation you find yourself in...

You may be unclear on where you are heading...


Or perhaps you are clear...

You're just not sure on how you will get there...


Or perhaps you are sure...

You're just unable to commit to starting the journey...

For whatever reason... the reason you're now here...

Transformation starts at the level of the individual. The One Page Plan supports you to be the best individual you can be.


It then allows you to truly align with other individuals, by getting everyone onto the same page... literally - allowing us to unlock our fullest potential.

We're better together.


The greatest collectives are those that are greater than the sum of their parts - and that only happens with empowered individuals.


This means that in order to empower yourself as an individual, you want to be part of a collective that allows that to happen.


You are ultimately responsible for your own integrity - being who you want to be, living how you want to live, and doing what you set out to do.


The One Page Plan maps out the situation you want to create, and the path you want to take, so that you start that adventure, with purpose, meaning, and intentionality.

It is personalised to your unique situation, so you have the clarity of direction, the confidence that you will get there, and the commitment to do what needs to be done.

The programme brings together key elements from personal development, practical philosophy, positive psychology, neuroscience, sports science, performance management, and agile thinking, so that you can simplify your planning.

Alan Lakein described planning as "bringing your future into the present moment, so that you can do something about it now."


And he was exactly right.


Planning confronts you with everything you say you want that you don't have right now, then asks you what you're going to do about it.


It empowers you to be the best you can be - so that you can respond to any challenges, do more with less resources, and do what you said you were going to do.

The rest is down to you.

Everything we do is designed for you to gain clarity on exactly what you want, to have confidence in your potential to get there, and to show commitment starting now.







It's not the lack of desire that's the problem, it's the lack of clarity.

The One Page Plan has been delivered to entrepreneurs, co-founders & teams from all over the world since 2012.

Leadership, leadership, coaching, team building, personal development, growth, success, goals, perfomance

The right strategy to create the desired situation, following the pathway of choice.

leadership, coaching, team building, personal development, growth, success, goals, perfomance

The right structure, with total alignment, clear accountabilities and proper competence.

leadership, coaching, team building, personal development, growth, success, goals, perfomance

The right systems of delivery, with the perfect processes to support the team.

We're Better Together

Moe Choice, Coach, Cofounder, Leadership, Business growth, scale
  • 12x Cofounder & 6x C.E.O.

  • 2x scale to exit & 2x bankrupt

  • $Millions in investment & revenue

  • 1,000+ hires from 51 nationalities

  • 500+ businesses supported

  • 7,000+ hours of leadership delivery

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"Imagine a world where each and every one of us is proud of the contribution we are making, while living the lifestyle we choose."

I challenge and empower individuals to take responsibility and be the best they can be, so that we can disrupt the status quo and find better ways of living, working, and being together.


The individual is sovereign.


The greatest collective is one with empowered individuals, aligned to a common cause.


And our greatest wisdom is in the collective.


I am inspired by the idea of collective wisdom, through individual responsibility.


I am a 12x Cofounder who has been on the startup scene for over two decades.


My work is primarily focused on supporting entrepreneurs and co-founders to find success, with the support of their teams, by building a business they are proud of.


The key to building a business you are proud of is to ensure that everyone involved is aligned, on the same page, and moving in one, clear direction.


With alignment at every level, anything is possible.


And this starts with you.


I bring real life experience through strong principles and practical tools that I have adopted, adapted, and assessed first hand; through many failures and a fair few successes.


Principles I have used to support 1000s of individuals & 100s of organisations globally.


You have to live certain stories in order to tell them...

Life is about exploration not destination. In the end, we die.

The One Page Plan has supported Leaders from these amazing groups

Warwick university, Bo Kelestyn

Moe delivered The One Page Plan to a group of students on my Innovation 101 module at the University of Warwick. Over 6 weeks Moe was able to change students' perspective on their mindset, values, purpose, and guiding principles for their future. The amount of reflection that students were able to do was incredible and they all left with a concrete plan and set of actions. Moe was able to engage them in such powerful ways. I have not seen any internal University programme achieve that. I found students say 'I pulled a Moe' or 'I went full on Moe' when they mention talking about personal development with course mates or encouraging their friends and family to reflect on the topics Moe covered in The One Page Plan. I think that speaks volumes about the impact Moe had.

Mark Guymer, Cofounder, Startup, Sky television

I was introduced to Moe and the 'One Page Plan'. I signed up as I wanted to explore what values were important to me to help guide my decision making. It appealed to me as it was a very clear program, supported by an experienced coach that would be completed in a short time. It has been a great experience and provided a valuable framework to help guide me with decision making and the challenges that I have faced. The plan itself was very logical and easy to grasp as a concept that would be valuable and supported by Moe I found the working sessions highly engaging, positively challenging and importantly after every session I felt I had a valuable output that I could use.

Suzaana Jones, Saraphi House, Coach, Cofounder

Moe is a special human being! He's a thought-provoking and inspiring mentor/coach and leader who is full of energy, humour and wisdom. Each time we have a coaching session, I feel challenged by Moe to dig deep and come away inspired with greater clarity on myself and my life. The One Page Plan is truly eye-opening, giving me the ability to compartmentalise my thoughts/different areas of my life whilst defining my purpose and values. It's something I'll be using everyday to align & anchor my thoughts and decisions, just like a life manual! EVERYONE WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS 100%. If you're up for doing real work on yourself and to dig real deep, Moe will guide you to next level thinking and clarity. THANK YOU MOE!!!

It's not over-thinking that's the problem, it's under-acting.

Watch how

The One Page Plan

inspired 4 remarkable women

to break a World Record

Proud associate at New Level Results

We put our money where our mouth is... on our impact!

After the first session, we’ll offer you a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with what you have experienced. NO questions asked.

Subject to Terms & Conditions on the full purchase of The One Page Programme. Please enquire for details.


Map out who you want to be, where you want to be, and how you want to get there.

Tracking progress_11.png

Track progress, with both the evidence collected, and the experience you are having.

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Connect with others, in order to challenge, support, and learn from one another.


For every purchase of The One Page Plan, a full programme is offered pro bono to organisations focused on Youth Leadership

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The One Page Plan has supported Young Leaders from these groups

moe choice, delivery, coaching, leadership

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How is the programme delivered?


The duration of the programme is 24 hours, and it can be completed in either 12, 8, 6, or 4 sessions. There are always opportunities for additional reflective spaces, Q&As, peer-support groups, and additional sessions for deeper work. For teams, we typically run this over 3 full days.

The programme is currently delivered 100% online through video calls (we currently use Zoom, a platform all participants can access for free) with a private Slack or WhatsApp group for ongoing support. Opportunities for a return to live programmes will depend on the ongoing impact of Covid-19.

The One Page Plan can be delivered on an individual level, to groups of individuals who are not directly connected, or to teams of any type of project or business group.

The One Page Plan is delivered 1 to 1, in collective sessions / in/through community group sessions, or to teams of any type of project or business group.

The programme is available in 3 different pathways:

– private 1 to 1 sessions for individuals or co-founder pairs
– group sessions (of up to 12 people) with other individuals working on their own plans
– team sessions (for up to 12 people per team) working on one team plan


The programme can also be delivered for larger groups through a series of webinars. While there are less individual interactions with the facilitator, breakout groups will be created for personal reflection (and group activities), and these may be facilitated by coaches who are graduates of the programme.


Each module of the programme begins with a short introduction to the concepts and themes, before you get into the exercises, and are then offered the space to reflect and share back your experience. You will be both challenged and supported to ensure that there is a deeper understanding around who you want to be, where you want to go, and how you want to get there.

What are the methodologies used?


The One Page Plan brings together the best of personal development, business coaching and group facilitation. It was designed by its facilitator Moe Choice and some of his closest associates, and is delivered by Moe and his team, all of whom are professional coaches, and have been mentored by Moe directly.


The programme draws on different techniques, including tools from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, Nonviolent Communication, Neuroscience, Practical Psychology, Agile Project Management, Design Thinking, and the Kaizen Method.

Personal development is a means for you to assess your traits and qualities, consider your aims and desires in life, to then set the goals required in order to realise and maximise your potential. It is a lifelong process. Ongoing development allows you to live a productive and satisfying life, while feeling like you are a valued and active member of your community.

This involves mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth from an internal perspective, which is extends into social, environmental and financial or material growth from an external perspective.

In its essence, it is a holistic pursuit, as it takes into account the relationships you have at every level of your existence. One way to understand this is to observe your relationships with your physical self, your mental self, your spiritual self; and the relationship you have to social settings, the environment you are in, and to money and possessions.

Personal development is not limited to any specific modalities, and includes all forms of learning & development; teaching, therapy, counselling, physical exercise, art & crafts, mentorship, and coaching. The activities in this programme are designed to raise your self awareness, clarify your identity and connect with your true essence provide you with the opportunity to enhance your quality of life.

What is coaching?


Coaching was developed by the most forward thinking sports trainers who believed in creating a culture where players were committed to discovering *how* they thought about things, *how* they understood the way life works, and *how* to make their own decisions in order to become the best versions of themselves, each and every day.

The world’s top leaders and companies have since embraced the power and effectiveness of both personal and professional development through coaching. Examples of individuals who have leveraged this to attain their goals include Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Sheryl Sandberg, and a host of artists, performers, chefs, and athletes.

Examples of companies that have leveraged coaching to attain their organisational goals include Verizon, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Nike, and IBM. These companies often use coaching to increase employee satisfaction, which ultimately improves their output.

It is being used in social empowerment movements, throughout the health & wellness space, through all modes of spirituality, as well as in teaching, parenting, and training.

Coaching shifts the organisational culture from the traditional command and control environment to one of collaboration and creativity. Through coaching the generational gaps are closed, and engagement is thereby increased.

On a personal level, coaching helps the individual to develop a healthier perceptive towards their own wellbeing and future potential. Coaching also supports individuals to boost their confidence, especially by working on their decision-making process.

Why consider team coaching?


Team coaching is used more and more in organisations in order to create cultures where people are able to connect in a deeper, and more human way. It is a means to enhance the team members’ experience in whatever environment they find themselves in, encouraging mutual support for each other to progress individually, while working towards a common goal or common goals.

Team coaching is not only effective in organisations; it also offers effective development in a family settings, amongst groups of friends, and with groups who are collaborating on common interests (e.g. a book club, or a local tennis club).

A coaching culture allows for:

– Effective Solutions through Creative Collaboration
– Early Interventions through Conflict Clarity
– Empathy & Understanding through Compassionate Care

With coaching, people are able to better understand their wants, needs, and desires. Their strengths, limitations, and talents. Their contribution, effectiveness, and impact.

This leads to a shared vision, a common purpose, aligned values, and clear intentions; which creates space for collective goals, aligned priorities, shared experience, and improved resourcefulness.

Coaching improves the potential to bring clarity, cohesion, and consistency is/in everything the group does moving forward, where there is both the challenge and support to grow into better versions of themselves, and where the right systems and processes are implemented to support the unique identity of the team.


The International Coaching Federation was established in 1995 and now has over 40,000 members worldwide. The federation has a presence in over 135 countries, making it the largest non-profit organization of professional coaches.

It is the recognised authority on coaching ethics and competencies, and many established organisations in North America and Europe will only hire ICF accredited coaches. Furthermore, research shows that up to 85% of coaching clients will only seek ICF certified coaches.

The ICF is the gold standard in coaching. The standards that are set are designed to ensure the essence of coaching is preserved, and that each coach is continuously developing themselves. The ICF doesn’t train coaches, and instead provides program accreditation to those who offer coach training. ICF program accreditation is a rigorous process to ensure that each accredited course the perfect environment for coaches to develop themselves into true professionals.

Moe has been a member of the ICF since 2015, and has coached over 400 individuals and organisations with The One Page Plan. He is accredited with the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). For more information, please visit the ICF website.